What is Detailing
Detailing is a specialized process of keeping your vehicle appearance as close to showroom condition as possible. Our aim is to have your car looking the way it did when you drove it off the lot.
How often should I detail my car?
Consider detailing your car whenever you get your oil changed or twice a year to promote optimal car health. Detailing depends on the wear and tear of your car and your expectations of how you want your vehicle to look. Detailing increases your car resale value and appearance and expands the overall life of your vehicle.
How can I tell if my car needs to be waxed or polished?

Here are two tests you can use to evaluate the paint condition:

  1. After washing and drying the car, run your hand lightly along the upper surfaces of the car. The surfaces should feel very smooth. If you detect rough spots or feel drag, the car needs a wax.
  2. Spray water on the car. If tight beads appear this means that the paint has the proper amount of protection. If the beads are loose, there is not enough protection on the car, if there are no beads, there is no protection on the car and a wax should be applied immediately.
Why should I choose detailing versus just washing my own car?
Detailing does more than merely clean your car. It preserves and in some cases restores its original condition through professional thorough processes involving bug, tar, sap, lime removal, tire and rim treatment, interior leather and vinyl conditioning, carpet and headliner shampooing, wet sanding, waxing and applied protectants that keep your car's paint job looking like it just arrived in the showroom.. Moreover, regular detailing extends the life of your car, maintains safety and integrity of your vehicle and actually adds to its value.
Can scratches be removed from my paint job without my vehicle having to be repainted?
  • Light surface scratches can be removed by compounding/isolating the surface of the affected area.
  • If scratches have only gone through one or two coats of clear coat, they can be wet sanded out.
  • If scratches have gone completely thought the clear coat, then the vehicle will unfortunately have to be repainted.
I have a pet and their fur is everywhere. Can the pet hair be removed?

Pet hair is no problem and is part of our A LA CARTE menu.. We diligently hunt down the hair found in your vehicle with our specialized air system and by hand to ensure your interior is left hair free.

What does your A LA CARTE Menu mean?

Our detailing service can be customized to your individual needs. If you would like us to concentrate on a certain area our professional team will adjust to your needs. Just give us a call to discuss what you’re looking for and we’ll deliver a customized service specific to you and your needs.

How long does the service take?

1/2 day to full day depending on the services required but count on us having your vehicle for a full day in most instances.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm and by appointment on Saturdays between 10:00am-2:00pm. We are closed Sundays. (Note-We are Closed Saturdays in July and August)

Where are you located?

Our state of the art detail shop is located in behind Northside Toyota. Simply use the Toyota drive-in doors and  check in with  Service Valet team and we will get your car where it needs to be.

How do I book an Appointment?
You can book an appointment using online booking form, visit us in person at 803 Great Northern Road or simply call 705-575-6465